Telecom & Media

Convergence, new integrated services, 3G/H+/4G offers, community uses, mergers of platforms, a huge hardware offer ... the telecom world is by nature in constant motion. Since its inception, Philog helps companies from the telecom & media sectors to design and configure performing communication systems.

Among our main achievements:

  • Implementation of SSL (GnuTLS) protocols in a terminal of payment,
  • Development of software for Set-top box,
  • Optimization / software design,
  • Stacks and USB drivers,
  • Preparation for the hardware certification,
  • Development of software on routers.

Why you will choose Philog:

  • A perfect technical mastery and a thorough knowledge of communication protocols,
  • A preserved knowledge of all network languages for over 30 years,
  • The mastery of the latest technologies,
  • The ability to intervene on a multi-platforms mode effectively,
  • A rigorous methodology.

Bouygues Telecom, LaCie, OneAccess, Thales, SoftAtHome, Canal+, Nagra

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