Audit, software optimization, compatibility control... numerous are the missions conducted since the inception of Philog. A constant: the need for quality in all phases of the process.

Among our main achievements:

  • Multi-platforms and multi-media services,
  • Computerized systems of the processing of reservation operations,
  • Optimizations of software infrastructures (cache implementation for hotel transactions),
  • Porting, maintenance and development of software for hotel reservations,
  • Addition of BackOffice modules generating datasheets,
  • Maintenance and porting of the features of a gaming terminal,
  • Deployment of a network administration system for La Poste.

Why you will choose Philog:

  • The quality of our developments, from design to validation,
  • Rigor in the process which leads to significant gains both in terms of cost and time (less maintenance, greater speed in the deployment...),
  • An innovation spirit and a strong adaptability,
  • A real sense of service, flexibility and great ability to react.

IBM, La Poste, Lotsys, Microsoft, Utram, Groupe Accord

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