More than in any other area, to work on the human and life sciences requires absolute rigor. Precision, control, measurement and alert thresholds, systems' redundancy are essential at every step of the project. For Philog, sharing and listening are key words. Each consultant is tutored, supervised, regularly audited and can ask for the help of several experts as well as use a knowledge database developed and improved for over 30 years.
Understanding of strategic expectations, ability to go ahead and to correct and constant listening of users are part of the skills of all our employees. This closeness and this humanity in projects make the difference.

Among our main achievements:

  • Firmware and bridge for health drive,
  • Software development in medical imaging sector,
  • Inter-applications gateways,
  • Design and implementation of a wireless labelling solution (Electronic Shelf Label),
  • Drivers.

Why you will choose Philog:

  • Our expertise in the design and development of medical devices,
  • Our diversified expertise (imaging, health ICT) in the health sector,
  • The preservation of a technological knowledge, necessary for the development of systems of care (capitalizing more than 30 years experience),
  • A spirit of innovation and a strong adaptability,
  • The follow-up.

Carestream, GE Healthcare, Ingenico Healthcare e-ID, Medicapteurs, Slow Control, Ela Medical

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