Banking, Finance, Insurance

New regulations, reorganization, mergers, management of sensitive data ... the Banking/Insurance businesses involve an ongoing maintenance of information systems to ensure a continuous availability of services to clients. Philog uses its expertise acquired over more than 30 years to assist the companies of this business sector.

Among our main achievements:

  • Portage and deployment to a different operating system of a banking retail application (front-office and CRM),
  • Physical security of workstations (Prohibition of copying / printing / transfering data...),
  • Upgrade and maintenance of financial tools,
  • Development of financial instruments around the Sophis application for the management of financial assets from the stock exchange,
  • Integration of applications connected to banking transactions...
Attentive to users, Philog is particularly mindful of systems' ergonomics in order to facilitate their daily appropriation by the end-users. Experience has repeatedly proved us right: the successful deployment depends more on the appropriation of an application than on its technical design. That is why our consulting engineers are so close to you.

Why you will choose Philog:

  • A responsive team, close to its customers, composed of experienced engineers,
  • Innovation through technological mastering,
  • To secure your applications' assets,
  • Mastery of Java/J2EE technologies, C # /. NET, C / C + +, MySql JAVA/J2EE, C#/.NET, C/C++, MySql.

BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, Ubi-Banca, Credit du Nord, GMF, Cortal Consors

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