Since over 30 years, Philog provides its expertise in network computing to its customers while implementing principles and an approach based on the research of success:
  • Ensure quality at all stages of the project (Philog is ISO 9001 certified). Learn more

  • Maintain the past, present and future skills
  • - Employees at the forefront of technology, continuously trained,
    -Technical knowledge database maintained for 30 years, with maintenance of internal skills as well as abilities to act on all the listed languages, learn more

  • Share skills
  • 1. Your project requires specific expertise? Our engineers and consultants contribute to your project by a specific or regular technical assistance .
    2. You want a turnkey solution and you don't want to deal with other aspects of the project except the definition of your needs and the receipt of the project? We propose a turnkey solution and let you benefit from the rigor of 30 years of experience.

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