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Quality excellency

Philog has a wide experience of services for the Industry (priority to “zero defects”) and the tertiary sectors (priority to the best cost/performance ratio) and has always actively managed the matter of quality. Philog was one of the first French companies of its size to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.
  • ISO 9001 certification,
  • One person dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality processes for consultancy, project management, engineering, design, development, marketing and maintenance of software systems, networks and telecoms for the Industry.
For more information, contact Christelle Campos, Quality Manager, .
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Skills retention

Because our achievements live in time, Philog strives to retain all the skills required for future developments. Philog is thus one of the few French software companies to keep a technical history of the past 30 years and retain the ability to act on it.

Skills retention, including for "old" projects

Far from being secondary, knowledge of old technologies may be necessary for those who do not want to have to redevelop an entire system:
  • Protocols: VIP de BULL, X.25, Transport et session ISO,
  • Operating Systems: VRTX, OS/2, DOS, RMX,
  • Environments and development tools.
An example? The realization of a XOT software gateway (X25 over IP) in order to enable old applications to continue running when the Transpac network (X25) stopped.

Defects' tracking platforms

Once more in order to ensure continuity of services, Philog keeps complete operating working chains in order to monitor the evolution of software versions. This information is collected in a database accessible in real time by engineers who are dedicated to maintenance.


All our interventions are subject to a contract of services including reactive maintenance of our deliveries. Philog's maintenance service is available by phone and email during office hours from Monday to Friday.
Quality excellency   Skills retention   Philog Training and skills transfer training, skills transfer

Training and skills transfer

Sharing knowledge is part of Philog's culture. Historically, we design and provide training to our clients so that they can benefit from our experience in industrial and service computing.

Skills transfer
At the end of our projects, we conduct a skills transfer allowing you to get our expertise.

Intra-company tailored training
For developed projects involving many users, Philog designs some modules dedicated to specific problems of your business, the initial knowledge of your learners as well as objectives and ambitions of autonomy that you set. Philog is empowered to provide training as part of on-going education (Registered under #11 75 55039 75. This registration does not equate any approval from the French state).

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