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Centre of excellence "System"

Why you will choose Philog ...

  • Our "zero defects" culture leading to a high software reliability,
  • Our focus on optimization: faster performance, lower memory requirements,
  • Our knowledge database, improved with each project,
  • Our ability to intervene with efficiency on the most recent systems as well as older ones and make them work together.

Our main areas of intervention:

Drivers design:
Renowned expert in the development of drivers, Philog works on Windows, Mac, Linux and all RTOS.

Embedded systems:
Philog develops software for targeted cards with microcontrollers as well as more complex software (telecommunication stack, drivers…) for targets on ARM or PPC-type processor. Philog has also developed many applications under iOS, Windows Embedded (BSP, drivers), Windows Mobile and Windows Phone operating systems.

Development around communication protocols:
Using standard protocols such as TCP, USB, CAN, etc. or specific ones, Philog applies its quality of development in the most adaptive language.

Centre of excellence "System"   Philog Centre of excellence "IT application" center of excellence IT application   WHQL Certification  Software solutions  Migration of technical applications 

Centre of excellence "IT application"

Audit, software optimization, compatibility control, … Philog has been taking part in numerous projects since its creation. One constant: a requirement for quality through all the steps of the process.

Why you will choose Philog …

  • The perfect mastery of numerous technological fields,
  • The quality of our developments, from design to validation,
  • Rigor in the process, which leads to significant gains both in terms of cost and time (less maintenance, greater deployment speed...).

Our main areas of intervention:

Thanks to the capitalization of knowledge, the constant technology intelligence and internal R&D projects, Philog is able to design and develop the software components that you need in order to give the full measure of your expertise.

Philog engineers perfectly master the databases access techniques (MySQL, Oracle, etc.) in order to design software components requiring efficient access to databases.

Web technologies:
Philog develops highly specialized applications requiring a deep mastery of web technologies such as Ajax, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Use of market standard software components:
Philog has a wide experience of the use of market components enabling rapid and efficient developments: STL, Boost, QT, etc.

Data exchange protocols (Web services):
Philog is familiar with the main mechanisms enabling the transmission of messages between remote objects such as SOAP, XML-RPC, CORBA, Java RMI.
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Philog is the only French company which offers a help desk for the certification of its customers' Windows peripherals.

What are the details of this service?

  • Philog takes in charge the full range of tests required for the certification of your devices and provides the certification packages,
  • You only have to return the packages to Microsoft and wait for the verdict,
  • You won valuable time.

What happens if the tests are incompatible with the certification?

Philog offers to analyze the causes:
  • A diagnosis made by a consulting engineer,
  • A service for the correction of the observed dysfunctions.
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What is the point of experience if you do not use it? With this simple observation, Philog has capitalized on its expertise of over 30 years and offers fully portable, adaptable and reusable software.


Major mobile phone manufacturers and defence/security industrials trust Philog and now prefer our solutions to their own native drivers. And you?


Used for more than 25 years in critical areas such as energy distribution, Philog stacks can be reused without modification in most of the operating systems of the market.
  • Our USB stack,amongst other things, allows old operating systems that do not recognize the USB to have access to the management of the USB bus. Totally portable, it can be adapted to different platforms and supports four USB communication modes (Bulk, Isochronous, Interrupt and Control). Click here to learn more,
  • Our X25, TRANSPORT & SESSION stacks meet ISO and ITU recommendations and materialize Philog's recognized expertise in development of communication protocols. Click here for more information.


Capitalizing on its expertise in system development, Philog has developed a workstation security solution that allows access to the DVD / CDROM drive and USB device connections.
The solution is suitable for remote administration as well as local use to prevent attacks such as PoisonTap - or any other vulnerability exploiting the automatic installation of class drivers for USB devices - without penalizing the user of the workstation.
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In direct connection with its activity of development of Windows drivers, span class="philog">Philog developed a command-line application which enables to preinstall a driver and especially to uninstall it by carrying out the maximum cleaning (in particular at the level of the registry keys).
This utility software allows us to offer services of development of graphical installation software for your Windows drivers in record time and proven robustness. Installers are based on InstallShield® or InstallBuilder®.

Centre of excellence "System"   Centre of excellence "IT application"  WHQL Certification  Software solutions  Philog Migration of technical applicationsmaintenance in operational conditions 

Migration of technical applications

The experience gained by developing fully portable communication stacks (TCP-IP, X25, USB) has been capitalized by Philog experts whose detailed analysis of the Windows, Linux and other operating systems (VRTX, RTC, OS9, ...) mechanisms enabled to define a layer of abstraction to access the main functions of these systems: threads, memories, semaphores, events, etc.

This experience enables Philog to offer services of portage of consequent-size software from one environment to another :

  • Portage from old operating systems to Linux or Windows,
  • Portage from Windows to Linux and vice versa.


  • The complete rewriting with architecture overhaul of a protocol simulator initially written in Pascal under DOS in C ++ under Windows,
  • The substitution of an RS232 serial link via a USB link without having to modify the executable allowing the manufacturer to run his application on laptops without serial link,
  • The repatriation on a Windows workstation of applications that were previously running on dedicated boards under Linux allowing the manufacturer to offer cheaper solutions,
  • The repatriation on a station running with Linux in XOT (X25 over TCPIP) of software which were executed before on a X25 under DOS telecommunications front end, allowing the manufacturer to face the obsolescence of the X25 cards and the maintenance cost of a frontal.
This type of development is facilitated by our mastery of target OS system components and by our ability to provide layers of abstraction of different OS.

If it is true that, as Philog does, more and more companies master cross-platform frameworks (WxWidget, Qt, Xamarin, .netCore), our excellent knowledge of kernel and low-layer-system developments is often a decisive advantage for applications in industrial environments that are strongly linked to specific equipments.

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